About “New School”

This is a collection of pictures, recipes, updates, and videos from one of the premier healthcare foodservice operations in the nation. There is a handful of us who are extremely passionate about re-inventing healthcare cuisine,  I want to share with you how this is being done by our team everyday.

“This is how we do it”

ryan p14

3 Responses to About “New School”

  1. Laura Vasilion says:

    Hi Chef Ryan,

    Laura Vasilion here, staff writer at ANFP’s Nutrition and Foodservice Edge magazine. I am assuming you are a CDM as well as as chef? Regardless, I would love to interview you for an upcoming issue of the magazine. Would you please e-mail at vasilionle@aol.com and let me know your availability. Thanks so much. I look forward to talking with you.

    Laura Vasilion

  2. I have enjoyed reading what you are doing in hospitals with food service. It’s refreshing and certainly inspiring. I’ve spent far too much time in hospitals in my lifetime and I am glad to see some foodie and hospitality being carried over into healthcare. Keep up the good work.

  3. Chef Ryan says:

    Thanks for your feedback, it takes a lot of work to change the culture of this kind of food, but we are well on our way!!

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