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The Devil is in the Details

“The Devil is in The Details”- The way I basically  come to translate this is… even the grandest project depends on the success of the smaller components. The first time I heard this phrase, it was back  in 2008 from … Continue reading

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Behind The Glass

5:ooam- Raleigh North Carolina. Marjorie McPhail awakes to the sound of her alarm clock. After waiting in bed for an extra few minutes, she  fully’s time to go to work. 5:30am- Marjorie gets in her Honda, and proceeds onto the hustle and … Continue reading

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Memorable Meals

Back in January of 2003, I went on a brief trip back to Ireland, a place I had lived in previously and worked as a young aspiring chef. This time when I went “across the pond”, it wasn’t to cook, … Continue reading

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The Building of a Culinary Arsenal

Arsenal (ahr-suh-nl)- a collection of things, skills and/or talents. A stock of weapons It’s a fact folks, in professional kitchens you have days that are rough. Another word that we often use is painful. I refuse to lie, sometimes even here, we … Continue reading

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