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Grilled Salmon with Quinoa & Asparagus

If you are in the business of eating healthy,we’ve got you covered. This is our Lime & Ginger glazed Salmon. Today we feature it with a quinoa pilaf and lemon scented asparagus. the marinade  is simple,there’s  fresh grated ginger, lime zest, … Continue reading

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A True Taste of the South- Our Pecan Chicken

Often while visiting patients or chatting with customers in the cafe,  one particular food item is often mentioned . Our Pecan Chicken.  Is it the dish that we are most known for? I don’t know,  but what I am sure of is, it … Continue reading

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Will the real NY bagel, please stand up!

  When I was 16, during the summer I worked at the World Trade Center in NYC. There was a breakfast cart  located directly outside on Greenwich Street, and I would purchase a cinnamon raisin bagel everyday as I hopped … Continue reading

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A tribute to a true Italian “Classic”- Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata is a traditional Italian dish, very often available in Italian restaurants. Piccata translates to piquant or piquancy, which in one definition means tart or zesty. Chicken piccata does have a tart sauce, with traditional additions of lemon juice, … Continue reading

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It’s Cupcake Time!!

Check out these delicious Cupcake’s available in the cafe right now. Flavors include red velvet, Kentucky bourbon, birthday, wedding, coconut cream, banana cream pie, and double chocolate. Thanks to Gigi’s Cupcake’s located in The Shops of Oberlin Court in Raleigh!

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Eat Healthy Today at Lunch

Perfect for this time of the year, Grilled chicken breast topped with a summer tomato salad, and Goat Cheese dressing. Served with a roasted vegetable quinoa pilaf, and fresh broccoli rabe. low sodium… low fat… high flavor. And who says … Continue reading

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Golden, Brown, Delicious- It’s Pizza Time

Three magical letters describe the pizza that is being served in the Korner Cafe today. GBD- Golden, Brown, and Delicious. With fresh made garlic knots, stromboli’s, and calzones as well, I know what I’m having for lunch today!  

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