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It can just be the simple things, like coffee

  In my previous days of fine dining restaurants and hotels, I can remember  that we almost  always sourced out the highest quality of ingredients to use. Sure they may have costed more, but we had an obligation to give the guest the very best, they were paying … Continue reading

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Pass the Envelope Please… We are Cooking “En Papillote”

 En papillote  is a culinary term that I first learned while attending the The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. It is a French word that  literally translates to “in paper”.  As a matter in fact  En Papillote is actually … Continue reading

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Homemade Pickles

“On a hot day in Virginia, I know nothing more comforting than a fine spiced pickle, brought up trout-like from the sparkling depths of the aromatic jar below the stairs of Aunt Sally’s cellar.” -Thomas Jefferson  Living in the great … Continue reading

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Asian Flavors, Hospital Setting

As I walked through the kitchen today, one of our black hat chef’s called to me and said “Hey Chef Ryan, I’m making a little stir fried rice today, except I’m going to use Israeli cous cous instead or rice, … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella- The Caprese Sandwich

As  we move toward the final weeks of summer, I’d like to focus on one of my favorite flavor combinations of all time. Tomatoes, Basil &  Mozzarella. These three ingredients when combined are known to make magic happen. The Caprese sandwich that … Continue reading

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