Asian Flavors, Hospital Setting

As I walked through the kitchen today, one of our black hat chef’s called to me and said “Hey Chef Ryan, I’m making a little stir fried rice today, except I’m going to use Israeli cous cous instead or rice, this will go nice with the Asian Chicken lettuce Wraps. Is that ok?”  The conversation brought me back to my restaurant days, where we constantly designed new menu items to continually exceed the customers expectations. But now, we work on bringing the restaurants dining experience to our patients & customers in a hospital setting. As my five year old  son says. “How cool is that?”

The dish that he was referring too, The Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps have quite a story with our team here. About two years ago when we talked about making some enhancements to our patient menu, our director talked about how he would love to put something like the lettuce wraps he gets at P.F. Changs on our menu. We all agreed, and within a few short days the entire management team was at that very same restaurant at  Crabtree Mall in Raleigh. We all tried the chicken as well as the vegetarian option (which was made with tofu). The next day, the chef’s collaborated, to design our very own recipe for the lettuce wraps, except they needed to be low sodium, and low fat.

 The result, our lettuce wraps here are something that we are very proud of.  Our filling is a nice mix of chicken breast, scallions, fresh garlic, water chestnuts, and mushrooms. In our sauce, we use soy sauce (low sodium), brown sugar, and rice wine vinegar. 

Each wrap is topped with a crisp salad of marinated cucumbers, and carrots which have been tossed with fresh lime juice, mint, sugar,wine vinegar, and thai chili’s. This is a perfect balance of sweet & sour, with an added punch of heat.

The dipping sauce, also P.F. Changs inspired, includes Chinese hot mustard, Siracha, soy sauce (low sodium),and brown sugar. If the crunch of the crisp lettuce isn’t enough for you, we’ve also added the garnish of  some lightly fried rice noodles to enhance the dish.

“New School” Hospital food, bringing restaurant quality to you!


About Chef Ryan CEC

I'm the Executive Chef for Rex Healthcare's Culinary & Nutritional Services team in Raleigh, NC. We are doing some amazing things. We are changing the perception of "Hospital Food"- one meal at a time.
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